Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to have hearing loss to use Olelo?

Yes. Only people that have difficulty using the phone due to hearing loss are permitted to use Olelo. This isn't just our policy, it's the law. Because Olelo is supported by the Federal TRS / IP CTS fund, only deaf and hard-of-hearing users can register for Olelo.

What is "IP CTS"?

Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) is a form of telecommunications relay service (TRS) that permits an individual who can speak, but who has difficulty hearing, to use a phone to simultaneously listen to the other party and read captions of what the other party is saying.

Why do I need to give personal information to sign up?

As part of the requirements of the IP CTS program, we need to validate that our users are actual people and not fictional or fradulent signups. This is the only reason we ask for your registration information, and it is never sold, shared, or used for third-party marketing or any other purpose.

Is the Olelo service free?

Olelo is free to use for qualified users with hearing loss. We are able to offer Olelo at no cost to our users because we are part of the FCC IP CTS program, whose mandate is to ensure functionally-equivalent phone service for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The IP CTS fund compensates us for the services we offer, allowing us to provide the service at no cost.

How do I use Olelo Voicemail?

To access your voicemail, dial *97 from the Olelo dialpad, or on Android devices long-press the 1 key. The first time you connect to voicemail, you will be prompted to set up your mailbox by recording your name. After that, new messages will automatically start playing when you access your voicemail. You can read captions of your voicemail in real-time just like any other Olelo call. For more information, visit our Voicemail help page.

How do I enable call forwarding?

Call forwarding lets you automatically send calls made to your usual cell phone number to your Olelo app instead, so that you can enjoy captions on all incoming calls on your phone. To enable call forwarding, just open the Olelo menu by tapping the menu icon in the upper-left corner of Olelo, then tap Call Forwarding and follow the on-screen guidance. Or, for step-by-step instructions, visit our Call Forwarding help page.

How do change or recover my password?

Just visit our Change Password page. You'll be prompted to enter your email address -- be sure to enter the email address you signed up with. We'll send you a link that will let you change your password.